The law firm based in DURBAN has been in existance for the past 20 years with attorney Logan Govender being at the helm. Mr. Govender has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of litigation and has a good success rate. In addition he is well known and respected at both the High and Lower Courts in Durban. We pride ourselves in rendering a professional and cost effective service. We understand that costs and time are major factors concerning clients. We run a business and client satisfaction is our driving force. We have a large number of long term business and private clients who will attest to our dedication in rendering the best service in Durban. Many of clients have been loyal clients for many years and this is a testimony to the good relarionships we forge with our clients. We are the legal representatives of many large scale charitable and religous organizations in Durban. We have a proven success rate and we have extensive experience in all courts including the Constitutional Court. We are always open to discuss and agree with regards to our fee rates and would like to think that we have an open door policy. Every client is important to us no matter how big or small your matter may be.Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.