We are here to help you every step of the way, from your first instructions throughout the purchase process and beyond. You will find our team dealing with the property transfer comprehensive, efficient and trustworthy, assisting you throughout the entire process.

In a market saturated by bulk conveyancing firms, we believe that there is no such thing as a generic sale or purchase, or indeed a generic client. We know that our client's property assets need to be handled with care and they expect to be fully informed of the transaction proces. We also believe that clients should be able to speak directly to their lawyer and not to a para-legal because the lawyer is always busy.

Residential Property transactions at our firm means more than just buying and selling house. You can expect a full range of property services from sales and purchases right through to post divorce asset distribution  and probate sales.

We are sensitive to your needs and always tailor our approach to meet your requirements. Whether you are selling, gifting, buying, protecting equity, releasing it or just regsitering your property for the first time, we can help you.

We will take the stress of all your property transactions in and around the Durban area.



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2024-04-16 11:20:54 Tamika Naidoo
Please may you advise if I can receive assistance with the below. My husband and I purchased a home about a year ago. It turns out that the sellers were not completely honest and the home is encroaching onto our neighbors driveway. The neighbor wishes to be compensated for the piece that we are encroaching on. The transfer attorneys of which we used, withheld funds from the sellers to assist with drawing up the plans. They now say that they can only release the funds to us if they get approval from the sellers or ordered by the court. I am hoping that we can access those funds and compensate the neighbor fairly and take over the process of obtaining the plans. We are desperate for a solution. Please help. Please contact me via email if you cannot reach my cell. - tamika.naidoo@icloud.com