We handle everything from disputes with the Receiver of Revenue to more intense criminal matters such as charges relating to murder. We have a team of specialist Advocates who can be engaged at negotiated fees should the matter be sufficiently complex.

We have many years of experience of dealing with drunk driving cases and ensuring that first offenders receive lenient sentences without their driving licences being suspended.

We have a good relationship with prosecutors in most of the courts in and around Durban.

Not everyone who has been accused of a crime is guilty of comitting the crime. We can make a fair assessment of your case at no cost to you.

The best legal advise at the outset will determine the path for you to choose.

We represent clients in most criminal courts in Durban and all other areas of the country. If we cannot represent you at a specific court then we will find you the most competent lawyer in that area and will even negotiate a good fee rate for you.

So if you have a criminal matter including bail applications then give our offices a call for the best legal representation in this area of law.



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